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    Fov/Los Demo
    CharDesigner Demo

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You will need Java 1.5 to run the demos.

Fov/Los Demo

Click here to run it as an applet. Click here to run it using Java Web Start, or get the jar here and run it using "java -jar RLDemo.jar"

Use wsad, hjkl, or numpad keys to move around the area. Visible terrain tiles will be bright, seen ones will be dark, and never seen ones black.

You can change the Field of Vision algorithm from the Fov menu.

Use the t key to bring up the throw interface. Use the movement keys to move the target (X) around the area. If reachable, it will be yellow, if unreachable, red. The path to the target, as far as possible, will be highlighted. Press t again to get out of throw mode.

game ImageUse the Los menu to change the Line of Sight/Projectile algorithm.

Use the b key to bring up the breathe interface. This is basically a Cone Field of View interface. Use the movement keys to move the target(X) around, the affected area of the effect will be highlighted. The breathe cone angle is fixed, you can change the algorithm using the Cone Algorithm menu. Press b again to get out of breathe mode.

The area is full of walls (#) and grass (.). There are a couple of dragons to keep you campany. There are no combat, etc yet.

Hold the mouse pointer on a tile to see its description.


CharDesigner demoApplet. Java Web Start
This program helps you test the looks of any character you can display using the CharVisualDisplay widget. Translate, rotate, scale and flip the character/glyph to get the look you desire.

All fonts do not have all glyphs, so the character you are allowed to choose depends on the font. All fonts usually have 0-9a-zA-Z.

This program will eventually be part of tile and level designer programs.